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About Geometry Dash

geometry dashIn Geometry Dash that you are going to need to control the block, yes that seem easy but this game can drive you mad with hard gameplay. In summary, we could say that the game is a new creation of platform genre together with rhythm gameplay and you finally know exactly what to anticipate. Controls are really simple and you have to only press 1 button on mouse to performwith, but you know how it moves the simplest things are the hardest! The game user is not accepted or does not have to complete a level to go to the next one, in any case, the further you go, the more troublesome it gets the chance to be. Some diverse components exhibited in the game fuse a level chief, map packs, covered coins the modes and so on. The game is evaluated 3+ and the measure of the game is only 3M, so it doesn't include the space. Geometry Dash is a dynamic game in this manner addictive that in the wake of beginning to play the game it's excessively troublesome, making it impossible to surrender it as flappy bird.

Goal of the game

geometry dash pcThe object of the game is to finished a level by achieving the end of it; be that as it may, if the player passes on to a snag, they will need to begin once again from the beginning. All levels (except for three in the full version) are opened from the begin, so they can be played out of request. Along the way, the player can gather up to three mystery coins in every official level, which are scattered in either covered up or testing territories. The game components achievements, these can be opened in a few courses, for example, getting a specific number of stars, finishing certain Demon-appraised levels, finishing official levels, including companions, preferring or loathing online levels, rating custom levels, and so on.; in addition to mystery achievements opened however undisclosed means.


geometry dash unblockedBy opening achievements, the player is compensated with specific icons or colors, where they get to the Icon Kit to alter their icon. The player can likewise open other customization highlights, in particular a selection of trails behind icons and an optional color gleam around the icon's dark outskirt. Geometry Dash highlights 20 official levels, 17 of which are playable from the begin. Every level has rewards while finishing them. 3 Secret Coins can be found in every official level, for a sum of 60, these mystery coins open 3 mystery levels: 10 open Clubstep, 20 open Theory of Everything 2, and 30 open Deadlocked. The levels begin obviously enhanced, however as the levels get more troublesome, part of the trouble originates from diverting improvements and blazing, pivoting, beating, and even undetectable hindrances and foundation elements. This is not really a planned gameplay highlight; as more overhauls are made to the game, more squares and components are included nearby more levels, with the new elements being coordinated into these levels.Levels are characterized by trouble, from Easy (or Auto if the level is user-made) to Demon; all together of the levels' expansion to the game, to some degree however not totally all together of trouble.  

Game Conclusion

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Overall Geometry Dash PC is a significant testing yet pleasant game for PC. As said, you may get baffled now and again while playing this game, however playing a level by and by will really give you the opportunity to rehearse a level before you can really endeavor to clear it in typical mode. Also, it can be advantageously be downloaded from Steam at a significant reasonable cost.


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